12 Brilliant Tips for Travelling for Pregnant Newbies

Need to go on a “preg-cation” so badly that you mistake your pillow for a trolley bag?

It’s now time to let your wanderlust take over! But first check our easy travel guide so that you can go on a funtastic vacay leaving all your worries at home. 

Big 2 Prep List before Travelling 

Doctor Rules - Share your travel plans with your ob-gyn and get her feedback. The best time to travel is during mid-pregnancy (14 to 18 weeks) and you may require a medical certificate if you are traveling by air.


Double vaccination against Covid - 19 will be an important shield of protection and a valuable vaccine passport that simplifies movement without restrictions. And just to be sure, read up about medical facilities available at your destination in advance.

  • Protect your Trip 
  •  Travel Insurance will buy you peace of mind while leaving your home. You can select from a number of service providers based on your destination, travel dates & age. It will help you smooth out some of the rough edges of flight cancellations, lost baggage and trip cancellation.

    Some more general precautions for travel by World Health Organisation are available here.  

    Bags are Packed & Ready to Leave? Which one applies to you?


    Leaving on a Jet Plane 

    1. You need to be prepared for long lines and wait times. So do a favor to your swollen feet and wear comfortable footwear and make sure you stretch regularly when in the air
    2. Keep a stock of your fav snacks and plenty of liquids in your handbag as food service is still not available and you’ll be a while at the airport
    3. And be sure to include a small pillow for lower back support & wear your seat belt below the abdomen

    Road Tripping  

    1. Plan your route to keep your bladder happy with regular pit stops. You can use sprays to help you sanitize those icky toilet seats or funnels if you need
    2. Your body also needs fuel so make sure you pack enough healthy food and plenty of liquids for the journey
    3. Keep off the rough roads and use a good vehicle to avoid those bumps and jerks

    Choo Choo Train

    1. Your Coolie days are over. Make your companions carry your luggage on the journey 
    2. Catch the train at the starting point whenever possible so that you can arrive early and board comfortably
    3. Get the lower berth so that you do not have to test your rock climbing skills 

    Mometernity has a complete collection of stylish and comfortable maternity outfits that you can wear while traveling. And you can wear them even after the baby is born, so when you revisit the same place with her you can compare the before and after pictures.

    So go ahead and make travel memories to the places that your heart desires. 

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