5 Style Trends for 2022 that are exciting the Fashionistas


Yup, the New Year Hangover is over. But don’t worry; come with us as we go on a new trip - into the Fashion world.

So let’s pull out our binoculars to see what’s on the horizon in this amazing wonderland and look for the latest trends in home lounge wear and full on party looks. 

1. Chic Polka Dots 

Want an effortless Parisienne look without touching down at the Charles de Gaulle   airport? Polka dots help you get there in a vintage yet modern look that shows that class is evergreen. The Japanese Satin finish gives you that amazing feeling of royalty as you glide through the room. 


2. Versatile Wraps 

Wraps are the epitome of simplicity and grace. They are universally flattering for all body types and do wonders in bringing out the best in you. So add an Indo Western touch to your wardrobe with wraps to keep you à la mode on at all times.



3. Lounge Wear

Searching for that elusive middle ground between your PJs and those oh so uncomfortable work clothes to wear around the house? Loungewear is just the Zen that you need both for your Zoom calls and getting through the household chores. You will feel like a superhero as you slay the daily grind, and yet feel as light as floating on clouds.


4. Ribbed Dresses 

Light up every room that you walk into with easy-to-wear ribbed dresses. They are on every Fashionistas personal reference board and take a life of their own with small detailing. Get this classy, must-have addition to your wardrobe, and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.

5. Patch Prints 

Singing “Girls just wanna have fun!” at the top of your voice? Then you need patch prints that are a guaranteed fun addition to your staycation look. The colors and designs combine fashion with comfort to give you that ramp-worthy feel.

So, get ready for the “New” in 2022 and do it with your own unique flair & style. In the famous words of Coco Chanel, “If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.”



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