Best Fabrics to Wear for Pregnant Women 101: The Essential Guide

Clothes are your power, your identity and the language of your style. And just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean that you change the way you dress. So, not only do you need to look good, but in pregnancy, you also must feel good.  You do not want to add uncomfortable clothes to your list of pregnancy challenges. 

So we went out and compared notes on the best fabrics for pregnant women and this is what we found:

1) Cotton is King!

Cotton lets you breathe and keeps you cool by naturally absorbing moisture and odor. It is the most versatile fabric for the Indian climate. It is also hypo-allergic as during pregnancy your skin is extra sensitive and cotton helps to keep the icky rashes away. 

Cotton stretches easily to fit your growing bump without clinging so you can easily wear it for long hours without any discomfort. It is the best fabric for wearing around the house both for working or as loungewear. 

You can add an extra wrap or layer for the winter and at night when the temperature dips.

2)  Bring on the Rayon


Rayon fabric is a blend of cotton, natural cellulose and other agricultural products. This gives it a unique advantage of being comfortable as well as luxuriant. Its texture can mimic silk & so it is also called artificial silk.  

Rayon is comfortable & has a great moisture absorbing capacity. It is an adaptable fabric that retains its shape & color well. And since Rayon is wrinkle-free, it is easy to maintain and a blessing for the busy you.  

So wear Rayon clothes whenever you need to look fabulous and on special occasions.

3) Stretch that Spandex


Spandex also called Lycra or Elastane is a synthetic fiber that is lightweight, soft & smooth with unique elasticity. This makes it ideal for making stretchable clothes that take the shape of your body. It also allows you great freedom of movement and gives support to your growing bump. 

Add to this its strength and durability and you have a Duracell battery that will last a long time in your wardrobe. Easy to wash and wear, it will always return to its original shape after stretching so it can be used even after your baby is born.

Want to dress up for a night on the town? Spandex is the answer to your prayers babe! 

Mometernity understands that while your comfort and practicality are the key criteria while designing clothes, style is equally important for an expectant mother. So our clothes are created in all the right fabrics that will be suitable for all your needs.

So stop sweating over getting the best fabrics for your pregnant self. We’ve got you covered.

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