Decoding Oil Massages for Babies in Winter

Pop Quiz: “Didi mai aa gayee ! ” Your maalishwaali has just turned up to massage the baby.

 She has visited many houses and you are not sure if you want her to be in close contact with your precious little one. She will also never be as gentle and understanding of the little things that your baby needs to feel relaxed, as you.

 What do you do now?

 Give her your biggest smile and a box of mithai while telling her that you will massage the baby yourself and she can really help in other work around the house like cooking, cleaning and the laundry for the baby. 

 So go ahead and Ditch the Dai this winter and use the magical mother’s touch to massage your baby this winter. Let’s start with keeping a few basics in mind:

  1. How it Helps

Massaging has a number of benefits - from calming the baby and reducing colic and gas pains to improving skin and muscle tone. It also improves the immune system and improves respiration by promoting better lung function.

Many mothers massage their babies before their naps in summers as it helps with the quality of sleep and also eases acidity or colic troubles.

  1. Which Oil Do I Use

You can use any organic oil that is available locally. Coconut Oil helps to improve and strengthen the skin and Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E and is safe to use on the baby’s skin. Extra Virgin Olive oil is also a popular choice used nowadays. 

  1. When Should I Start

You can start after 10 days to 2 weeks after your baby is born after checking with your pediatrician. Before this, the skin barrier is not fully developed and may react to a substance applied to it. Also initially you will need to monitor your baby’s skin to ensure that the oil is suitable for her and does not have any adverse reaction.

  1. Best Time during The Day

Late morning is a good time after she has had her milk and is relaxed. Since she will be without her clothes for some time, make sure that the room temperature is just right and there is no direct draft on her. If it is cold, staying in the warm sunlight might be a good idea.

  1. Get Vitamin M from Massage

Massaging is a great way to bond with your baby in the early days and helps her to get to know you. She will thrive on your loving touch and savor the skin to skin contact

 So play the nursery rhyme Rub-a-Dub-Dub and have a rocking time with your little one this party season.

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