How to Give Your Baby a Splashing Great Bath

So what is the most fun part of your baby’s routine? We think that splashing about with rubber duckies and soap bubbles qualifies on top of the list. It gives you and the baby the chance to relax and play together, and trust me, hearing her laugh will make the rest of your day.  

 Now all we need to do is get it right. So, Mometernity took a nice long soak in the bathtub and came up with this handy checklist for new mothers:

1. Get, Set, Go

In the early days after your baby is born, a daily sponge bath is sufficient. You can start a proper bath after the umbilical cord stump falls off and the area is healed completely. You will need to introduce her to a bath in small steps so she gets used to the idea of a lot of water and understands how she can play with it.

2. Find the Perfect Timing

The baby needs to be well rested, and well fed before bath time. If she’s cranky, delay the bath till when she gets in a better mood. Also, you need to build it into a routine, so she knows that bath time is coming, and will enjoy it even more.   

3. Swear by The Temperature Check

Babies are very sensitive to sudden temperature changes. Use your elbow to check the temperature of the water before you start the bath. Just like Goldilocks, It should not be too hot or too cold but just right.

4. Pick the Right Bath Products 

Make sure that the products that you use are dermatologically tested and toxin-free so that there are no adverse reactions after the bath. The Moms Co, Cetaphil and Sebamed have a good range that is mild enough for your baby’s skin.

5. Keep your Bath Cart Handy 

Keep all the bath things that you require handy so that you do not keep your little one waiting as you hunt around for them. You will need a bucket of warm water, washcloth, soap/shampoo, towel or robe with a hood, diaper & clothes. And of course, that little yellow rubber ducky.

 6. Wipe don’t Pour

In the early days, you should use a washcloth to clean the crust around the eyes and the dried milk around the mouth. The washcloth can then be soaked in water to wipe the rest of the body. As the baby gets older and more comfortable, you can ease into a bath and use a bath mug to pour water.


Keep your favorite song playlist handy so that you can sing along during the bath. Talk to her and show her how much fun it can be by playing with the water. And bring the rubber ducky and other bath toys to play with her. All these with your gentle touch will activate your baby’s senses and ensure that she looks forward to bath time.

 And after all the playing, once your baby is relaxed, Mometernity’s Baby Bed Cum Play Bed is the perfect place for her to fall asleep.

 So, as we celebrate Rubber Duck Day, if you’re looking for Instant Relaxation for you and your baby - Just add warm water!


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