Season’s Trendiest Christmas Gift Guide For New Mommies

I love gifts, you love gifts, we all LOOOOOVE gifts! 

But when it’s time to give gifts …It's complicated. You need to scratch your head to think about what your about - to - be or new mommy friend will like. And use. And think of you whenever she uses it (obviously in a good way ).

So what do you give a girl who already seems to have it all ? She’s already got a ton of baby things from the baby shower. 

Mometernity spoke to some cool babes and came up with this list:

  1. The Dakimakura a.k.a The Maternity Cushion 

For the To-Be Moms, support and cuddles will go a long way. The Dakimakura is a godsent way to help her sleep comfortably on her side and support the growing belly 

     2. Offbeat Jewelry

We all need an instant pick me up from the rollercoaster of emotions that go with motherhood. Fun jewelry is guaranteed to put you in a good mood whether you are suffering from bloating or sleepless nights because of the baby

     3. DIY Bonsai Kit 

Need to get her mind cleared, get some down time and relax? What better way than to use a Bonsai gardening kit to make a mini garden inside her home. It is a slow process and even a few minutes a day will feel refreshing, and also result in beautiful bonsai plants that will make the home look amazing.

   4. Festive Food Hampers

Think artisanal chocolates, dips, drinks and ice creams. Guaranteed to bring down cortisol levels and a great way to fulfill those midnight hunger pangs.

 5. The Head Turner Dress to rock the Party season

Want your girl to set the style trends for new mommies? Don’t want her to go through the hassle of ironing the outfit before you put it on? Mometernity’s  Winter Fashion Collection is guaranteed to make her Styling Reel go viral.

 Like they say, it’s not about how much we give, but how much love we put in giving. So pack in all the love and let’s celebrate the Season of Gifting. 


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