The 5 Best Features to Look for When Buying Baby Bedding

Your baby will spend up to 14 hours a day sleeping till the age of 3 years. Good sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise for brain development. 

Yet, managing sleep is also the most difficult part for all parents.

So, we need to ensure that the baby enjoys going to bed, is comfortable and gets uninterrupted sleep. Do check out our handy checklist of things to consider when buying baby bedding:

1. Simply Cotton Fabric 

Cotton is the best fabric for your baby’s soft skin. It has better aeration and absorbs all the inevitable moisture and fluids quickly. Also, since it is natural and organic, you don’t have to worry about allergies.

2. Double Duty as a Playmat 

Since your baby can’t move around, her bed is also going to be her playground. Make sure that the bed can convert to a playmat so she can play between sleep times.

3. Machine Washable Superpower

The early days after your baby is born may make you feel more like a dhobhi then a new mother. Beddings that can be machine washed are a must as they take a big chunk out of your laundry work. 

4. Cuddle Pillow 

A baby pillow supports a baby’s neck and also helps in promoting a good sleeping posture. It also lets your baby sleep comfortably.

5. Bored of Pink or Blue ?

Gender neutral colors look great and brighten up the room. Select naturally, fresh colors that open up new possibilities and bring out the feeling of comfort and relaxation.



Mometernity handmakes soft Baby Bed cum Play Bed that lets your baby explore her new world from the comfort of her bed cum play area. It’s great for co-sleeping with your baby as well. 

As new parents like to say ,” A sleeping baby is the new happy hour.”

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