Top 5 Things that a New Father Should Know

“Humare Zamane Me…
...Papa sirf office ka kaam karte the”

Take a look back in the Time Machine - fathers were visible only at the time of signing the report cards and to instill discipline. For everything else we had Mummy!

How times have changed. Fathers now get Paternity Leave and are much more hands-on. But they are still new to the game and need to start scoring fast.

So here is a cheat sheet of the Top 5 Things that help you Win the "My Daddy Best" trophy:

  1. The Name is Bond ...

Don’t wait for the baby to grow - start bonding from Day 1. Be calm and patient with the baby, both of you are new to this. But remember that babies who have a close bond with their fathers have better social and academic skills. So, like a blue-chip stock strategy - invest during the IPO and see the returns in the long term.   

   2. Become an Indian Idol

Channelize your inner Arijit Singh and sing for your baby. She has heard your voice from the womb itself and recognizes it. So that wonderful sound is the perfect soother that your tiny fan needs for a great sleep routine. And trust me, her silence will be the best applause. 

  3. Pat on the Back

A burp is the only gas leak that you really love. It goes a long way in reducing discomfort and crying. You will need to become an expert in patting, to generate that golden sound.   

And Mommy will also get a well needed break after every feeding session.

   4.Vroom vroom vroom... 

Babies like cars as much as their Daddies. Going out for a drive is a great way to distract a colicky baby. She gets to see a world of new sights, sounds and smells and her wide-eyed looks are a delight to watch. And getting out of the house will put everyone in a good mood.

  5.Take a Break ?

The best part of WFH - you can hold your baby close to your bare chest when you need a break from work. It will give both of you the feel-good oxytocin boost. The best Stress buster comes in nappies!

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Remember, having babies is like living in a hostel, nobody sleeps, everything is broken and there is lots of throwing up, but it will be the most memorable part of your life. 

Happy Fatherhood !


  • Good read!!

  • Wonderful doable Pointers 👌

    Srikant Kanoi
  • Now a days father has equal role as mother.When my husband know he gonna be dad he was so happy and taking care of each and every thing.
    And after baby came in our life he supported a lot always took care of us.My baby loves to be with daddy.
    He is Daddy’s Boy rather than Mumma’s boy 😊

    K Thacker
  • Now a days father has equal role as mother
    In my pregnancy my husband supports a lot and after having baby he is caring for both of us
    And my baby love to be with his dad.
    Dad is my baby’s favorite. He is Daddy’s Boy rather than Mumma’s boy😊

    Komal Thacker

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