About Us


“Give her the right dress and she can conquer the world.”  

We believe in the credo that even though there will be different chapters in our life, we shouldn’t stop chasing our dreams. And since our clothes are an integral part of who we are, we shouldn’t need to change our dressing style when we become pregnant. And even though our needs are constantly changing, our clothes should take care of us by making us feel good and staying useful, not just during pregnancy but even beyond. 

Yes - that’s a lot to expect, but we at Mometernity are up to the challenge to give you all this and much much more. We are laser-focused on creations that give “Fashtility” - bringing Fashion & Utility together. This means that we obsess over the little things as much as the big ones - like Flutter sleeves for flattering your arms, elastic at the back of outfits to allow for size changes,  comfortable fabrics and a whole host of other features that make dressing up during pregnancy fun. 


We also think that real value comes once we think “beyond the nine months”. Mometernity creations can be used once the baby is born, and are strategically designed to give nursing access as well as side pockets to keep your hands free for your precious bundle of joy. 

And lastly, we are conscious that we must leave a better world for our children by taking care of the environment. So we ensure that all our processes are sustainable and we work with our partners to provide solutions that are both eco-friendly as well as effective.


How it All Began

Mometernity’s Founder Anisha Noel, wanted to study fashion in college but fate intervened and the NIFT entrance exam clashed with another exam and she ended up majoring in Sociology. After graduating, she worked for 7 years in the Travel Industry and this gave her the chance to visit many countries. During these trips, she experienced how thoughtful design can be used to create clothes that are not only beautifully stylish but also amazingly functional.

When she was pregnant with her first child, Anisha found that the Indian maternity clothes were “frumpy & oversized” and did not do justice to her fashion sense. There were no size options and they couldn’t be used after the pregnancy. This awakened her desire to create fashionable maternity wear that would bring together her love for Indian fabrics, stylish designs and the need to provide utility during as well as after pregnancy. 

The lockdown acted like the trigger to convert her dreams into reality. She began from scratch by doing her research on the industry and enrolled in online courses. Then began the hunt for the best partners who would help to give life to her designs. And within 6 months, the Mometernity e-commerce shop went live and she was ready to embark on the journey of her lifetime. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you chase your dreams. And we will stretch to the greatest lengths to make you feel good. So if you need another size or want something different - we have got your back. We will customize to give you a tailor-made, unique creation. We strive to deliver lightning-fast, and if you change your mind, no worries - just send it back! 

Every Order, Every Customer is the Highest Priority - Every time!

What’s Next for Mometernity 

Why should only ladies have all the fun? Yes, we can’t forget the children - they should also put their best foot forward and we would love to design for them as well. For girls and especially for the boys, whose options are limited even today. And then let’s get them twinning with their mommas to get that perfect photoshoot!

“I want everyone to wear the most fashionable clothes that are comfortable, functional as well as accessible. This is what I always look for when shopping for my son Adrain and me”,  Anisha Noel signs off.

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