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Breastfeeding Tips for New Mothers 


“Not all superheros wear a cape, some wear a nursing bra”

We have already read about what to do when you are expecting and once the baby is born, about how to take care of her. But though everyone knows about the need for Breastfeeding, it is important that we make sure to know the dos and don'ts to get it right. 

So, what’s so special about breastfeeding, anyway? Breastfed babies have much lower risks of infections, asthma, obesity and gastric problems and this immunity helps them throughout their lives. Not just babies, the mothers also benefit as they lower their risk of breast & ovarian cancer as well as getting diabetes and blood pressure. So get set and go ! 

    1. Get in Position

Breastfeeding can be done in a variety of ways. Choose the best position that suits you and the baby

Easy Breastfeeding Ways

  2.Click the Start button  

Keep your baby in close skin to skin contact with you as soon as she’s born or after a C Section. This will help you to initiate nursing. Generally, babies are ready to start eating within 45 minutes of being born. To help her figure out where lunch is coming from, rub her cheek with your nipple or finger to get him to turn toward the breast.

Don’t worry if you cannot get it right the first time. You can get help from the nurses to show you the best way. And most importantly relax, your baby is born with energy stores for the first day till you get a hang of nursing. If your baby is initially not able to suckle, you can hand express milk and feed it with a small spoon or dropper.  

3. No copy paste option 

Each baby is unique and has her own  way of latching, sucking and swallowing. And what worked for your first child may not work now. So get your lab coat on and do some R&D to find out what works for your baby. 

4. Learn the Code 

Most babies are hungry every 1.5 - 2 hours and they will show that they are ready by rooting, fist-to-mouth and lip-smacking. So learn to read these signs before she starts taking a much louder approach.

5.Go Slow with the Hardware 

In the first few days your breasts are full and your nipples are flattened, so breast pumps may not work properly. Try hand expressing your milk initially and then as your body gets used to it, you can switch to breast pumps. 

6. Supplementing is not a Sin 

If your baby is not able to nurse or you are not able to feed - that’s fine. Your anxiety and worry will lead to your supply drying up so don’t let it stress you out. Check with your pediatrician and start supplements. It is more important for your baby to get his nutrition on time. 

7.Equality is the soul of Liberty 

Breastfeed from both breasts equally. Even if your baby prefers one breast, offer him the other one, so that it empties out regularly. 

8. Pain is Not OK 

If you feel pain, then you need to relook at the basics. Apply an ice pack or a moisturiser. You can create an instant ice pack by keeping a cabbage in your freezer and putting a leaf in your bra. Warm showers and lying down on your stomach will relieve the pull of gravity and give you some relief as well. And get a doctor’s help sooner rather than later because once it worsens it will affect your feeding.

9.Do the Input / Output Analysis 

Get the spreadsheet tracker out to analyze your baby’s poops & pees. 5- 6 wet diapers and 3 - 5 poop diapers are a sign that you are on the right path and your baby is eating well. 

10. Get Retail Therapy 

And lastly, you will need the right clothes to make sure that you can manage breastfeeding every couple of hours without having the extra burden of changing frequently. Along with nursing bras, you will also need clothes that are comfortable and give quick nursing access whenever and wherever you need to feed. You will also need pockets to help you keep your essentials safe when you have your hands full managing your baby.  


Luckily, we at Mometernity have got you covered, as our creations are not just stylish to wear when you are expecting, but actually shine even brighter when you have the baby with features that help to make your life easier.


In the end, remember that breastfeeding is not always easy, but it is ALWAYS WORTH IT !!!!!

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