8 Maternity Lounge Wear Styles for This Season

Yes, we want it all ! 

Something that does double duty both inside as well as outside the house. That works when we work and doesn’t stop when we let our hair down. That makes us feel cozy, and yet cool. And that blurs the line between the living room and the bedroom. 

Still guessing?

Loungewear is the answer to all your snuggles. It comes in a variety of styles, that you can choose from are: 


1. Maxi Dress 

Maxis are floor/ankle length informal dresses that are form-fitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom with a variety of necklines & patterns. They are hassle-free to wear, super comfortable and amazingly cool.


2. Kurta


Kurtas will add a sparkle to your wardrobe in the festive season. You don’t have to run to your closet every time you have guests and when worn with comfortable bottoms makes your outfit very trendy. You can choose between flared or straight fittings for legs and pockets and stretchable lycra material make these bottoms comfortable beyond pregnancy as well.


3. Tunic Dress

Tunics originated in ancient Rome and were worn by both men as well as women. They can be of different lengths - anywhere between the hips and the knee. A tunic is essentially a cross between a dress and a shirt and can be worn by itself or paired with a skirt, pants or even leggings. 

4. Kaftan

Kaftans are easy, breezy flowing robes of Asian origin. They are loose-fitting and airy and when worn with a sash or a belt they define your silhouette. You can play around with various hemline options and it gives plenty of room to your growing tummy.

5. Shirt Dress

Is it a shirt ? Is it a dress? It’s a shirt dress! It borrows its features from a men’s shirt and has collars, front buttons or cuffed sleeves. You can wear it with a belt and the right color and print can also turn it into a work outfit. 

6. Shift Dress

The Shift dress falls straight from the shoulder and darts around the bust. It has a solid structure yet just skims the body and is comfortable for movement. It flows over your hips & waist.

7. Midi

A Midi could be any length from two inches below the knees to just above the ankles. The best part about this dress is you don’t have to tug your hems while sitting down. It flatters every body shape, size & style. 

8. Top & Pant Set

And finally, Cotton Top & Pant Sets in vibrant prints and colors are a must-have in your maternity wardrobe. 

Together they make a comfortable outfit that can also carry off an Indo-Western look. The versatility of the length of the top helps you look stylish as well as elegant at the same time. 


Mometernity has got all these dresses and many more outfit options for you.

We understand that you need a snap button for nursing, an extra belt for your changing wait line, pockets to avoid lugging purses,loose/smart/relaxed fit options for your many moods as well as smart silhouettes that take you to  pregnancy and beyond.

They say clothes don’t make a woman, but they damn sure make the day.

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