Best Podcasts for New Mothers

Hey Mommy! 

Along with your superhuman amount of patience & energy,  you also need to manage your inner zen. Podcasts are the perfect way to help you connect with other mommies' pregnancy and motherhood stories to get some life gyaan and some mental peace. 

So we’ve compiled a list of podcasts that will motivate you to get out of bed every morning and deal with it all. Stuck in a traffic jam? Sweating at the gym? Doing chores around the house? Plug those earphones in and go! 

1. Pregnancy Confidential

Pregnancy Confidential gives a 10-20 minute in-depth look at the physical, emotional and/or lifestyle markers of each week of pregnancy.

Point of Difference (POD) - It’s like talking to your best friend about the joy - and the annoyances of pregnancy but comes fully loaded with a lot of medical information as well.

2. Good Pregnancy Eats  

Good Pregnancy Eats helps Moms eat healthy during pregnancy with evidence-based nutrition guidance from the experts. 

POD - It’s a great place to get tips on choosing healthy foods that you actually love & can save time on cooking.

3. Women in Labour

Comedian Aditi Mittal and filmmaker Christina MacGillivray together host special guests to tackle a feast of taboo topics in a free-wheeling podcast about women, work, family, power and everything in between.

POD - It’s fun and unfiltered and discusses what questions to-be moms should be asking about maternity leave, and how to take on leadership roles post-pregnancy.

4. The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor

All the work that you had put into picking up healthy nutrition, sleep & relationship habits have gone for a toss during your pregnancy and after your baby? The Habit Coach teaches you how to take “baby steps” to return to healthy living and strengthen your relationships

POD - Ashdin Doctor, the habit coach teaches you simple, easy-to-do habits in bite-sized episodes.

5 Red FM Bauaa

 Need a break? Want to know what’s happening in the real world? From the latest atrangi party dishes to the most trending caller tune. Red FM Bauaa will keep you updated.  

POD - Helps you connect with other mortals who get bholne ki bimaari with atm pins or sweat at the thought of calling customer service for your cable.

6. Baapbeti - A Pregnant Papa Podcast

Did you have to read that again? Yes, this one’s for your man. A young father’s perspective on daily daddy and hubby duties.

POD - There is so much written about mothers and motherhood so this does an important task of balancing it all. Tells about the experiences of sharing parenting duties and fun with his better half.

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 After all, “What are we but our stories” in the words of James Patterson.

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