Don’t Lose Sleep over Getting your Baby to Bed

The Joy of Parenting should actually be renamed the “Joy of our Baby Sleeping”. 

After eating, a baby’s sleep is the most important concern in the mind of most new parents. It directly affects not only the baby’s health and mental growth, but also the parents' wellbeing. 

This chart shows how much sleep your baby needs :

The A to Zzz of Sleep

Before you start fretting if your baby is getting the right quantity and quality of sleep, here are some baby sleep basics:

  • Don’t worry if the amount of sleep varies during the first 4 months. Both the baby and you need to settle down into a routine. 
  • A major factor affecting sleep is whether your baby is breast or bottle fed. Breastfed babies sleep in shorter bursts.
  • Cry. Drink. Pee. Repeat. Your baby wakes up because she is either hungry, needs a diaper change  or is uncomfortable. As soon as you figure out why and address it, you are on the way to going back to sleep.

Regulating your baby’s sleep is important so that she can adjust to sleeping longer at night. Here are some tips to help get your baby (and you) through a peaceful night.  

1. Read the Signs

Your baby lets you know they’re ready to sleep by fussing, crying, yawning, or rubbing their eyes. Watch out for and respond to these signs.

2. Tick Tock goes the Clock

Establish a sleep time routine by putting the baby down for naps and for the night around the same time and in the same room. Dim lights, a calm atmosphere and no sounds will help every time. You can read or sing a lullaby as a way to unwind and signal to her that it's time to close those eyes.

3. Have a Busy Day

After the first couple of months, your baby needs daylight and plenty of playtime and simulation during the day. Also you need to limit the day time naps to 2 - 3 hours so that she will  be tired enough to sleep at night. 

4. The Wild Cards 

Sleep times may change due to - teething, illness, growth spurts, or when they are learning new skills such as how to talk or walk. You cannot control these things so you have to just ride them out in the best way that you can

5. Snug as a Bug

Comfortable clothes that are not too warm or too cold and the right bedding will go a long way to help your tot go to dreamland.

Mometernity’s handmakes Baby Bedding cum Playmats that will ensure that your baby gets uninterrupted sleep.

Remember there is light at the end of every tunnel (or actually, a full night’s sleep at the end of each day) and you will be able to laugh and tell funny stories one day about your Sleepless in Babydom nights. 

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