How Kindness can be the Most Rewarding Job


Position - Chief Kindness Officer 

Location - Flexible. Can work from home, office or the local mall

Qualification & Experience - None

Vacancies - Infinite 

Salary - Priceless ... 

Sounds like a dream job ? Read on for the detailed Job Description :

1. Hug someone who really needs it today. It helps to reduce stress, cures sadness and makes people feel human.

2. Take some time out from your busy schedule and talk to your maid/help today. Not about work but just their life. It’s a great way to connect to people and helps people from getting overwhelmed by their daily struggles.

3. Offer to buy groceries for your neighbor on your way to the market or share that great deal that you found online with them. Who knows they might be interested in it as well.

4. Send Handwritten Cards instead of the cheesy forwards to people you really care about. They will remember and think about you when they are going through their old things many years from now.

5. Get some finger food for your office colleagues. It’s a great way to connect with them on a personal level and build a bond that will last.

6. Pick up the phone and call that relative or  friend with whom you have lost touch. Texts and social media are not a patch on the good old ring ring telephone. 

The best is yet to come. All that kindness has been proven to come back with interest :

We at Mometernity believe that being kind is as important as making great clothes. Not only do we live this motto, we also ensure that we work with suppliers who also believe in fairness and empathy for their staff. The leftover cloth from our production is turned into cloth face masks which are distributed among the needy. 

And who says that kindness should be boring. We celebrate the birthday of every member of our team by giving them a gift of their choice and being a part of their celebrations. 

This World Kindness Day, Mometernity would like to wish all of you a “Heart Centered“ approach to life.  


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