Secret Sauce on How to Take Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy


Why should your skin get left behind when the rest of your body is changing almost daily? And as the seasons change, your skin will definitely demand some love and attention. So, we’ve put together a skincare routine journal for all you lovely ladies.

During Pregnancy 

1. Tip Tip Barsa Paani 

Moisturise your skin before applying any products. Damp skin is more permeable than dry skin so apply products within a minute of cleansing and washing.  

2. Lock Kar Diya Jaye

A protective layer of oil over your skin acts as an astringent by getting rid of excess grease as well as regulating the production of your skin’s natural oil. 

3. Uff yeh Muhase !

During pregnancy , the oil glands are more active leading to acne or pimples. Avoid products that tend to irritate the skin .

4. Lift kara de

Supplements of vitamins and calcium help in getting a smoother skin, with reduced dryness and fewer cracks and bumps.

5. Chill Maaro 

Regular bedtimes, reduced stress  and avoiding electronics immediately before sleeping and after getting up help a lot in maintaining your skin during pregnancy. 

After Delivery 

1. Baby Steps to the Gym

Being a new Mom is a lot of work. But starting your exercise routine (as little as 10 minutes a day) will go a long way in giving a boost to your skin.

2. A for … Clear skin 

Vitamin A helps to get rid of scars that are less than a few months old. Spinach, carrots and sweet potatoes are a great natural addition to your daily diet. 

3. Easy Peasy … Ajwain squeezy 

Detox with ajwain water helps with digestion and  cleaning out the toxins from the body

4. Kuch meetha (nahi) ho jaaye

Now that the baby is here, you will have to go watch what you eat more carefully. You are only human but make sure that your cheat days are fewer and get fewer over a period of time.

5. Maalish is not just for babies

Many plant based oils have antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Massage with Almond and Coconut oils will help to reduce the pigmentation. 

Mometernity cares for your skin and so all our outfits are lightweight, soft and have a loose silhouette fit that lets your skin breathe.

And in the end, you have a lot on your plate, so be as gentle on yourself as your skin. As Tina Fey says “ Always remember the most important rule of beauty is - Who Cares.” 


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