Super Fun Christmas Activities for Kids

Need to make Xmas plans but Excel sheets, Ghar ka Kaam and Netflix on your mind? 

Chill, we’ve created the perfect Xmas To Do list to keep the fun meter at the max while staying indoors. We promise, you and your kids will have a blast with these Holiday activities.

  1. Take a Family Xmas Portrait 

No, not that boring studio like formal family portrait. Bring out the wacky dresses and show your talents or click pictures while you decorate the tree or bake your favorite Xmas goodies together.

 Adorable Holly Jolly Christmas Twinning Outfits are an awesome holiday tradition. They look great in your social media feed and are a stylish twist to your pajama collection. 

2. Make Your Own Christmas Decorations 

Why should we buy decorations, when we can actually bake them? Not only is this super fun to do with the kids, you are also helping the environment by reducing plastic use. 

 You will need:

  • 1 cupful of plain flour 
  • half a cupful of table salt 
  • half a cupful of water 


  • Preheat the oven to its lowest setting and line with a baking sheet 
  • Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl till it comes together into a ball.
  • Transfer the dough to a floured work surface and use biscuit/cookie cutters to make shapes. It can be a star, gingerbread man or a Xmas tree
  • Bake until it becomes solid. 
  • Let it cool and  then color and decorate it
3. Camp out near the Xmas tree

Make the most of your tree, by actually sleeping under it. Set up the tent, make some stars with silver foil for your ceiling, grab some torches and turn off the lights.

 You can organize a fun scavenger hunt or drink hot chocolate. Playing the old school antakshari or telling spooky stories never goes out of fashion.

4. Write a letter to Santa 

The letter to Santa is a great way to teach children about being good human beings. As they write to Santa about all the good things that they have done, they will be motivated to improve their behavior.

You can also encourage them to put in a request for someone they know - a friend, sibling or a less fortunate child to teach them about empathy during these times.

 As we gather round this holiday season, may our hearts be grateful, our mugs be full and our pants be stretchy.

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